A New Approach for the Private Financing of Higher Education Higher Education Investment Fund

Dr. Dieter Dohmen

Higher Education Investment Fund


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Dr. Dieter Dohmen



Palgrave Macmillian



Developed countries spend between 4.6 and 8 percent of GDP on education (OECD, 2013). Despite the fact that not all education expenses are covered by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) measures (FiBS/DIE, 2013), the actual financial need is far higher for a number of reasons. One is that, in almost all countries, many children do not attend early childhood education. This is true even for three- to five- or six-year-old children and, to a much greater extent, for those children younger than three. Since the basic foundations for future education on attainment are laid here, the share of children, especially from disadvantaged families, has to be increased significantly. Research from various fields indicates that particular investments in early childhood are particularly profitable (Cunha et al., 2006).

Veröffentlicht in: Wojciech Bienkowski, Josef C. Brada, Massaki Kubomiwa (Hrsg.), International Perspectives on Financing Higher Education, London 2015, S. 98-110.