Matthias Sandau

Senior Researcher
Matthias Sandau

Matthias Sandau

Senior Researcher
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Research focus:

Quantitative Methoden
Berufliche Weiterbildung
Soziale Ungleichheit

What he does at FiBS

Matthias Sandau has been working with us as a research assistant since May 2022. As a sociologist with a focus on quantitative methods, he has broad expertise in the fields of social science education research, which he contributes to our projects on education and continuing education.


What he brings to the table

Through his work in research projects at the Universities of Potsdam and Bielefeld, he gained deep insights into the German educational structures, the development of social inequalities and the promotion of learning motivation. A wide range of processes in school education and vocational training as well as lifelong learning served him as research subjects.


Thus he started

Already during his sociology studies in Bielefeld, he became interested in explaining educational processes from an interdisciplinary perspective. He completed his Master's degree with a focus on social science methods and social structure analysis as well as his thesis on "The Influence of Social Origin on the Decision to Study at University".

His previous stations

After his studies, he worked as a trainee at Prognos AG. Since 2015, he has been working on his doctorate at the University of Potsdam on the topic of "Continuing professional development over the course of life". In addition to his doctorate and academic work at the Department of Educational Science, he coordinated the Berlin Interdisciplinary Education Research Network (BIEN). He has been active in the initiative "" for a while now.