Higher Education

The social and professional importance of higher education continues to grow. Universities are transforming from educational institutions into advanced training centres.

In recent decades, institutions of higher learning have played an expanded role in job training, and their importance is bound to increase. Traditionally, universities have provided their graduates with an initial qualification. In the future, they will become more involved in further professional development  qualification and will be more fully integrated into the job market. They will thus develop new educational offerings and reach out to new target groups.

We have undertaken studies on the changing ways in which institutions of higher learning are funded, the development of concrete financing schemes, and the ramifications of digitization for curricular content and formats of teaching and learning. In addition, our work has focused on shifting costs of living and how university education is paid for. How great will the need for higher education be in the future, and what will the resulting challenges be to universities, the higher education system, and higher education policy? How can higher education be funded sustainably? Finally, we have developed the concept of a “Higher Education Trust Fund” , a concept for financing higher education in the twenty-first century through combining multiple (private) funding streams .