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FiBS has been consulting on educational and socio-economic issues in Germany, Europe, and the world for 25 years. Informed by a variety of specializations, we examine educational sectors and their relationship to larger social issues, innovation, digitization, and labour market policy. This is how we make our contribution to supporting lifelong learning.

Our international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary team allows us to take diverse perspectives on the projects entrusted to us.


Discussion on further development of TVET sector in Albania


This morning, FiBS-Managing Director Dieter Dohmen met with Dajna Sorensen, Vice Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Albania to discuss options concerning the future development of the Albanian TVET system.

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New project on TVET curricula in the MENA region


FiBS supports the implementation of digitisation and entrepreneurship in vocational training curricula in nine MENA countries.

New project on the funding of TVET in Namibia


FiBS is taking up a new project on the funding framework of the National Training Fund in Namibia.

Release of Final Report "AHEAD - International Horizon Scanning"

New project on entrepreneurship in Kenya


Today is the first day of a feasibility study for a Center for Entrepreneurship (& employment) on behalf of KfW in Nairobi. The aim is to empower youth and reduce youth unemployment.

New projects in Albania


FiBS commences two new projects in Albania: 1) a TVET sector study for the KfW Development Bank and 2) Fund for VET and Employment: Kamza MFC.

Presentation of evaluation outcomes in Astana, Kazakhstan


Today, FiBS-Direktor Dr. Dieter Dohmen and Galiya Yelubayeva presented the results of their analysis of the waiting list system for early education in Astana/Kazakhstan. The approach is well developed and implemented, by and large, and therefore also of interest for other countries, such as Germany, for example. Nevertheless, in detail some room for improvement could be identified.

Dr. Dominic Orr today speaks at Kiron Partner Event on digitalising access to higher education for refugees


Today, Dr. Dominic Orr contributes to a policy workshop on digitalising access of refugees to higher education at the Kiron Partner Event "Digitalizing Access to Higher Education and Shaping Successful Learning for Refugees" in Berlin.

FiBS Director Dr. Dieter Dohmen and Galiya Yelubayeva start project to improve the waiting list system in the kita area in Kazakhstan on behalf of UNICEF


Long waiting lists in kindergartens and schools are the nightmare of many parents - even in Germany. From the project results from Kazakhstan, perhaps something can be learned to improve the situation in the local kindergarten and school system, where parents run from one institution to the next in order to get a place for their child and too often remain unsuccessful.

Dr. Dominic Orr Presents UNESCO Guidelines for National Strategies on OER in Brasília


Dr Dominic Orr presents a guide for the development of national strategies on Open Educational Resources (OER) at MERCOSUL Meeting on Open Educational Resources, hosted by MERCOSUL and UNESCO (28-30 November 2018).

Dominic Orr discusses concept of digital certificates of competence with personnel managers from all over Europe


During the conference Rethink HR Tech Dominic Orr (FiBS) and Professor Ilona Buchem (Beuth University of Applied Sciences) will discuss on 22 November the potential and applications of digital certificates of competence such as Open Badges.

FiBS celebrates its 25th anniversary today


"With you and the FiBS, the topic of education economics has taken on a new significance in Germany and internationally. From my point of view, your view of adult education, which for so long has not been the focus of enough attention, is particularly pleasing," writes Michael Tölle, from the Arbeiterkammer Wien (Vienna Chamber of Labour), on the occasion of today's 25th anniversary of the FiBS.