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FiBS has been consulting on educational and socio-economic issues in Germany, Europe, and the world for over 25 years. Informed by a variety of specializations, we examine educational sectors and their relationship to larger social issues, innovation, digitization, and labour market policy. This is how we make our contribution to supporting lifelong learning.

Our international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary team allows us to take diverse perspectives on the projects entrusted to us.



Youth unemployment in Europe could rise to 25 percent


The new study "Youth Unemployment in Times of Crises in the EU 27" by FiBS examines youth unemployment in the EU in the wake of the financial and economic crisis of 2008/09 and links it to a first estimate of how youth unemployment might increase after the Corona crisis. According to this estimate, unemployment among the low-skilled could even exceed the 40 percent margin, but not until the mid-2020s. Furthermore, unemployment among men may be higher than among women.

FiBS Director Dohmen presents results of the vocational training sector study for Albania in Tirana


The study was prepared for the local Ministry of Finance and Economy and KfW Entwicklungsbank and contains a detailed analysis of the vocational training system and approaches for future development against the background of economic and labour market developments. "If the developments of the past few years continue, the demand for skilled labour will continue to rise. For vocational training, this means that there will be a considerable need for qualifications," says Dohmen.

Updated population forecast of FiBS: Berlin has 5 million inhabitants in the mid-2040s


A current population forecast by FiBS shows that Berlin will have over 4 million inhabitants by the end of the coming decade and 5 million by the mid-2040s. The slight decline in immigration dynamics in the last two years will have only a minor impact on population development in the coming years and decades.

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FiBS Director Dieter Dohmen gives keynote speech at the 7th Innovation Day 2019


At the 7th Innovation Day of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Innovation Bureau Fachkräfte für die Region, FiBS Director Dr. Dieter Dohmen gave a keynote speech on continuing education, innovation and growth in SMEs. Dr. Dohmen noted that continuing education in combination with jobs that promote learning is positive for innovation and growth. If SMEs promote and challenge their employees and support them through formalised continuing education, they are innovative and can survive in competition.

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