FiBS has been consulting on educational and socio-economic issues in Germany, Europe, and the world for over 25 years. Informed by a variety of specializations, we examine educational sectors and their relationship to larger social issues, innovation, digitization, and labour market policy. This is how we make our contribution to supporting lifelong learning.

Each project leader and senior researcher is specialized in a different subject area and methodological approach. All have experience working collaboratively across disciplines in a multi-professional team. Younger staff members round out the group with their own areas of expertise, methodological depth, and cultural experiences. We pursue organizational, team, and individual development both in the context of ongoing projects (on-the-job learning) and in formal settings. We learn from our academic work and put that knowledge to practical use.

The FiBS team is currently composed of 13 individuals, all of whom bring their own diverse experiences, range of expertise, specialized knowledge, and ethnic background to the table. This enables us to approach the projects entrusted to us from various perspectives, viewpoints, and experiential bases. This advantage makes us a strong partner in Germany and abroad on a wide variety of issues. FiBS is committed to striking a healthy balance between family life and work, and to helping its team design their own flexible work schedule.



FiBS Overview Chart
FiBS Overview Chart


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