Primary and Secondary School

School is (only) one important part of learning during childhood and adolescence. Thus we focus on learning both in and outside of school.

Whilst school attendance is decisive for the opportunities a child or adolescent will have in life, school is only one part of the living and learning environment. Future discussions about this phase of life must therefore place greater emphasis on learning that takes place outside of school, without neglecting the important role school plays.

Our projects deal with the financing, the costs, and the effectiveness of “good” schools (e.g. using cost-benefit analysis). We also make forecasts regarding future school enrolment and the consequent need for faculty and other professionals. Furthermore, we gauge the consequences of the demands posed by digitization.

In addition, we provide schools with support in their pedagogical and personnel development. What makes a “good” school good? Are relevant issues from everyday life integrated into the classroom? Is the spectrum of students’ knowledge and ability considered? In what form? How much does pedagogical reform cost, and what impact does it have on students? What benefits does a “good” school yield to individuals and the economy?