Carmen Belafi

Project Manager / Senior Researcher
Carmen Belafi

Carmen Belafi

Project Manager / Senior Researcher
+49 (0)30 8471 223-22

Research focus:

Analysis of educational systems
Analysis of learning outcomes and foundational skills
Education systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Education in crisis and conflict contexts
Political economy and governance
Qualitative research

What she does at FiBS

Carmen Belafi joined us in June 2023 as a Senior Researcher in the area of school research. Her projects mainly involve qualitative analyses of the German education system.

Selected projects

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What she brings to the table

Carmen Belafi is a political scientist with many years of experience in international education cooperation and education research, especially in low- and middle-income countries. She is interested in how education systems are structured and how actors in this system can better collaborate to enable educational success. She is also interested in how education can succeed under conditions of crisis and conflict.


How she got started

Carmen Belafi graduated in Political Science (B.A.) and Peace and Conflict Studies (M.A.) in Tübingen and Cape Town with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.


Her previous positions

Before joining FiBS, Ms. Belafi was responsible for education policy at a development NGO. She then moved to the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, where she worked for the research program 'Research on Improving Systems of Education' (RISE) as a research associate in the directorate. Here, her focus was on the analysis of policy frameworks and governance factors that influence the functionality and effectiveness of education systems. Most recently, she was an officer for early crisis detection, conflict analysis, and strategic foresight at the German Foreign Office.