Dr. Ewa Bacia

Project Manager / Senior Researcher
Dr. Ewa Bacia

Dr. Ewa Bacia

Project Manager / Senior Researcher
+49 (0)30 8471223-24

Research focus:

Demokratiepädagogik Bürgerbildung sowie Analyse des Kompetenzerwerbs im sozialen und politischen Bereich bei Jugendlichen sowie Erwachsenen

What she does at FiBS

Dr. Ewa Bacia has been working with us as a senior researcher and project manager since August 2022. Her focus is on democracy education, civic education and the analysis of the acquisition of social and political competencies among young people and adults in the context of global societal processes, but also taking into account local influencing factors. 

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How she got started

Dr Bacia is a social and political scientist. She obtained both degrees at the University of Warsaw. In 2008 she wrote a dissertation on the topic of "The Understanding of Democracy in Post-Socialist Regions of Europe. Comparison of Social Capital in Brandenburg and Podlasie" at the Free University of Berlin.

Her previous stations

After her doctorate, she was involved in several research projects in the field of education. She worked in Poland and in Germany, with European cooperation partners, in an inter- and transdisciplinary way. Her last station was research and teaching at the Technical University in Berlin, where she habilitated in the field of educational science in 2018. The topic of her cumulative habilitation thesis was "Democratic Approaches in School and Out-of-School Educational Processes. Results of empirical studies in an international educational context". She works primarily with qualitative research methods.