Dr. Dieter Dohmen

Founder and Director
Dr. Dieter Dohmen

Dr. Dieter Dohmen

Founder and Director, Consultant
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Research focus:

Educational funding
Educational planning
Educational management
Educational marketing
Labour market economics
Education and structural development
Technological efficiency and innovation
Educational benchmarking
Access to education
Educational quality
Lifelong Learning
Gender budgeting
Tax transfer systems
Cost-effectiveness analysis
Cost-benefit analysis

Dieter Dohmen, PhD (economics) is the founder, proprietor, and managing director of FiBS, where he also conducts research and acts as a consultant. He is the research director for all FiBS projects.

He is an integral part of a global research network, stemming from his activity as an early member of the EU task force »Making the Best Use of Resources«, a convener (in multiple years) and active member of the European Educational Research Foundation’s (EERA) network Economics of Education, a founder of the CESERC network (Cooperation of Education and Socio-Economic Researchers and Consultants), and an education and social economy consultant for clients in Germany and abroad. In addition, he has edited several book series, been a member of the blue-ribbon commission »The Future of Education with a View to Lifelong Learning in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern«, has taught at the University of Oldenburg, and has served on numerous advisory boards, university boards of governors, and other committees and task forces.

After studying sports and social sciences at the German Sport University Cologne and the University of Cologne, he earned a degree in economics and social sciences at the University of Cologne.

Thereafter he earned his PhD in economics at the Technical University of Berlin, with a dissertation on the topic of »Education Costs, Student support schemes, and Family Benefits: An Economic Analysis with a Focus on the Legal Parameters«.

His further professional experience includes: BAföG consultant and chairman of the supervisory board of the Cologne Student Services Agency; teaching in adult education; adjunct faculty appointments at the University of Bielefeld, the University of Oldenburg, and other institutions of higher education; management consulting; independent research and expert assessments.

Dieter Dohmen also founded the social enterprise ElternHotline gGmbH in March 2020, which supports parents and families in these times of learning and learning guidance, but also other issues. The platform prepares the contents in 14 languages and is thus the only offer in Germany that also addresses parents and families who do not speak German or only speak German to a limited extent.

Dr. Dohmen is an analyst, visionary, creative thinker and entrepreneur. In October 2019 he was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame (IACE Hall of Fame). The Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor individuals worldwide who have made outstanding contributions to the field of adult and continuing education and who serve as role models and inspiration for the next generation of leaders in continuing education.

Selected projects

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Foundation ElternHotline gGmbH

Since 2019

Admission to the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame

Since 2004
Member of the advisory board for the degree program “Educational and Social Management with a Focus on Early Childhood” at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Remagen Campus

Member of the board of governors of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen

Convener of the European Educational Research Association’s (EERA) network Economics of Education

since 1993
Founder and director of FiBS Research Institute for Education and Social Economy, Cologne
Consultant, independent expert, evaluator, team and project leader for studies, expert assessments, expert opinions, evaluations, forecasts, and concept development for German and foreign government agencies, foundations, associations, labor unions, businesses, and organizations

Gewi GmbH: consultant in a management consulting firm

Berufsfortbildungswerk: taught adult education courses in business administration, politics, and computing

Independent expert reviewer for educational grants

Cologne Student Services Agency, chairman of the supervisory board

BAföG consultant at the University of Cologne and the German Sport University Cologne

Trainings and courses offered:

Training: Strategic Planning in TVET Systems for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation of Saudi Arabia – International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC ILO)
Turin, Italy

since October 2009
Study letter “The Framework of Lifelong Learning (LLL): Demographic and Social Economic Aspects” – Berlin University of Professional Studies (DUW)
Berlin, Germany

November 2004 – October 2009
Creation of a study letter “Finance Management and Investment” for the continuing education degree program “Master of Business Administration in Educational Management (MBA)” – University of Oldenburg
Oldenburg, Germany

April 1997 – September 1997
Current Questions and Educational Policy – University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Educational Science
Bielefeld, Germany

October 1996 – March 1997
Interest-Bearing BAföG Loans and Tuition – Germany’s Higher Education Policy in 2001? – University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Educational Science
Bielefeld, Germany