Skills and Qualifications for Sustainable Mining in Chile

Skills and Qualifications for Sustainable Mining in Chile



Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Content of the project:

Globalisation is increasingly leading to worldwide interdependencies in economic, political, cultural and information technology areas. Topics such as digitalisation and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in this context. Within this context the project EXCOCHILE deals with the export of competences and qualifications from Germany for sustainable mining in Chile under the aspect of industry 4.0. Therefore a comprehensive analysis of the training and further training requirements in the mining sector in Chile will be carried out with a view to developments in the areas of sustainability and digitalisation. In order to identify the scope and content of the needs of companies, training providers and workers, opportunities for cooperation and possible restrictions, the framework conditions and structures of the country, the education system and the mining sector will also be examined.

Aim of the project:

The findings will serve as a basis for German institutions, in particular training and further education providers. In this way, cooperation with Chilean institutions and companies is to be promoted and market entry in Chile facilitated. A further objective is to draw the attention of Chilean companies to the need to further develop skills and qualifications for better implementation of sustainability measures in the mining sector. Training providers in Chile are to be encouraged to take greater account of these skills and qualifications in their training and further training programmes.

The project is led by FiBS in cooperation with the following institutions:

Fundación Chile

Fundación Chile is a private, non-profit company that has developed a number of relevant activities and studies related to sustainability, the training of skills in industry and in particular with the mining sector. The institution has successfully consolidated itself as a "Do-Tank" and is pioneering the development of new sectors to create technological capabilities and services. In addition, the institution cultivates partnerships with political and economic players and cooperates extensively with international organisations.  

German - Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry CAMCHAL

The AHK Chile is part of the worldwide network of recognised German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, whose activities are aimed to promote the export of German products and services as well as the transfer of technology and know-how between the two countries. The Chamber of Commerce has extensive experience in cooperation with educational institutions, companies and local associations and has a broad network of contacts in the government and business spheres. The AHK Chile established, among other things, a German-Chilean network (Eco Mining Concepts), which aims to bring companies from both countries together on the topic of sustainable raw material extraction and to create new opportunities for cooperation.Upcoming dates: Webinar Excochile - Training, skills and digitisation for sustainable mining

The free webinar, which was developed by FiBS in cooperation with Fundación Chile (FCh) and Camara Chileno-Alemana (Camchal), took place on June 9, 2020 from 15:00 - 17:20 (UTC+1).

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