Dr. Yorcelis Cruz-Vorbröcker

Project Manager
Dr. Yorcelis Cruz-Vorbröcker

Dr. Yorcelis Cruz-Vorbröcker

Project Manager, Research associate
+49 (0)30 8471 223-0

Dr. Cruz has been a research associate and project manager at FiBS since August 2019. She is a graduated Engineer from the University of Magdalena in Colombia and hold a doctorate in agricultural sciences from the Humboldt University Berlin (HU Berlin).

Dr. Cruz worked over eight years in the field of sustainable use of natural resources as part of a scientific collaboration between Colombia and Germany. Simultaneously to her scientific work, Dr. Cruz managed international cooperation projects in the context of higher education.

During almost seven years managing international projects, Dr. Cruz coordinated two Erasmus Mundus projects and worked as scientific staff of an ALFA III project at the HU Berlin. The projects were aimed to improve the quality of higher education in the partner countries, to foster intercultural understanding between European and Latin American universities, and to strengthen the capacity of international cooperation as well as the sustainable political, cultural and economic links between Europe and Latin America.

Dr. Cruz's focus is on transdisciplinary research and functional transferring knowledge, through bringing together scientists, technicians, trainers, learners, and local actors contributing to find answers to common issues.